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Ukiyo-e woodblock printmaking with Keizaburo Matsuzaki

Which of the following did NOT have an impact on Impressionist painters?

a) The ideas of Freud
b) The color theories of Chevreul
c) The development of and understanding of prisms
d) The availability of woodblock prints from Japan

Please source your answer, if you can. Thanks!

B Not only Chevreul but Root too.
C is questionable I have never read that I say no.
D is definitely the biggest influence on French Impressionists. They copies directly from Chinese woodblocks and they almost all did it, Cassatt The Bath, Manet copied and used Japanese artifacts as details in his paintings. Biggest influence was two-fold; the flatness almost poster quality of Japanese work and the fact the Japanese painted everyday activities of ordinary people what we now call Genre paintings.

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